Current Workshop

Bringing Mindfulness to Pregnancy,
Birth and Breastfeeding


This 3 part workshop examines how mindful awareness during pregnancy expands ones capacity to be self-reflective and be a more compassionate and responsive parent.  Self-awareness enhances the experience of being pregnant, and of labor, birth and postpartum.

In our first two prenatal workshops we will discuss the stages of labor, the connection between body and mind during pregnancy and birth, your partner’s role, and breathing as a resource for coping with stress, pain, and challenging emotions. You will learn how to pay closer attention to your body, mind and heart in order to build a foundation for nurturing yourself and connecting with your baby. 

Our last workshop will focus on how breastfeeding fosters trust and provides for secure attachments between baby and parents. We will explore how breastfeeding nurtures your evolving development as responsive parents, why breast milk is best, different infants breastfeeding styles, positions and latch-on, supply and demand, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. 

Please choose which workshop dates work best for you :

Sat. Aug 23 and Sat.,  Sept. 6, Sunrise Birthing Center, 12 N. Ash Street in Ventura 9:30am-1pm and  
Tuesday, Sept. 9, 362 Walnut Drive in Ventura @6:45pm-8:45pm, or

Sat. Nov 8 and Sat. Nov 15, Sunrise Birthing Center, 12 N. Ash Street in Ventura 9:30am-1pm and
Tuesday, Nov 18 , 362 Walnut Drive in Ventura @6:45pm-8:45pm

Series Cost:  $225
Or Individually:    Prenatal Workshops 1 & 2 – $185       Breastfeeding Workshop – $40.

To register for the series or for additional information, please call Laurel Connell
(805) 570-0636 or email  For information on the breastfeeding workshop contact Diane Berger (805) 654-1463 or email

Laurel Connell holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has extensive studies in prenatal and postpartum mental health and wellness. Over the past 15 years Laurel’s professional experience has included counseling in traditional and nontraditional settings,  counseling expectant and new parents, providing doula support, and facilitating childbirth classes, pregnancy groups and new mother circles.  Laurel views birth and parenthood preparation as a holistic process, creating awareness around one’s body, mind and heart to build an inner foundation for creating a healthy family.  Laurel nurtures each woman in accessing her own innate wisdom, trusting herself and finding her own center in the midst of one of life’s greatest transitions, becoming a parent.  Laurel is a mother of two children, both of whom serve as her greatest teachers.

Diane Berger is a Registered Nurse and licensed Public Health nurse since 1991. She is also a mother to 3 breastfed boys. Diane has an extensive background in maternal-child health and has provided in-home breastfeeding support and consultation, breast-pump assistance, and classes throughout Ventura County for the past 22 years. Diane provides loving support and education for breastfeeding moms and babies with special attention to attachment parenting- developing awareness of cues and communication between parents and babies, using babies reflexive feeding to assist breastfeeding, and improving breastfeeding outcomes through supporting different infant’s and mother’s breastfeeding styles. In addition to working with breastfeeding families, Diane assists home and birth center births with a licensed midwife.