About Diane
Diane Berger, RN PHN  began her career as a public health nurse with Ventura County Public Health, and has an extensive background in maternal-child health.  Diane has provided  in-home breastfeeding support/ lactation services throughout Ventura County since 1991.  She has worked with a licensed midwife assisting home and center births since 1997.  Diane is committed to supporting breastfeeding families and nurturing diverse mothering styles that develop through the unique bonds between families and their babies. In addition to her many years of experience she maintains her  professional skills with board certified continuing education and staying up to date with current research trends in order to further support and empower pregnant women, mothers, and families.

Diane provides loving in-home breastfeeding support, breast pump assistance, classes and consultations to assist mothers and babies experiencing both typical and complex breastfeeding issues. The joy of being a mother to 3 breastfed boys provides her with much compassion and levity for the mothering process.